OPAL Company has the possibility of professional designing and producing inlay on stones and ceramics. The company’s activity is focused on the field of making decorative products using waterjet technology on stones and ceramics. The complex using up-to-date technology has the possibility to vindicate the ideas and dreams of designers previously impossible without limitations in design and dimensions.

Using waterjet technology has provided the possibility of cutting materials such as natural and artificial stones in different sizes, kinds of ceramics, steel sheets, bronze, aluminum, glass, mirror.

Products of the company are categorized as:

MEDALLION (TORANJ): For lobbies, entrance, center of halls and so on.

BORDER (FRINGE): For sidelines of halls and floors

TILE: Repeating patterns used on floors and walls

LOGO: For companies and institutes installed on walls and floors

These products are used in all kinds of residential and commercial buildings, offices, hotels and any other places carpeted with stones and ceramics. The complex precisely performing its commitments and offering superior quality has made it good to attract a wide group of customers.

OPAL Company proudly invites you to regiment of its usual customers by offering some of its products and projects.